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Refinancing Your Current Mortgage

Sun West Mortgage Company, Inc., offers a full line of refinancing options. Our mortgage experts can discuss your financial objectives, and recommend the best option. Whether you need to use your home equity for a child’s college education, acquiring a new car, or simply for home improvement projects, there are options.

Conventional (this one of our Program Options)

5.000% Rate

5.240% APR

10-Year Fixed

4.875% Rates

5.115% APR

15-Year Fixed

5.125% Rates

5.365% APR

30-Year Fixed

Why you should consider refinancing your mortgage?

  • By refinancing, you have the ability to access the equity of your home through a Cash-Out Refinance option.
  • Refinance to obtain a new, lower interest rate through a Rate & Term Refinance option. The current interest rate may have decreased since you previously financed your mortgage.
  • Refinancing your mortgage to a lower interest rate will lower your monthly payments.
  • Refinancing your mortgage with the objective of debt consolidation will provide you with extra short-term cash to help pay off your current credit card bills. Compared to a mortgage, credit cards usually charge much higher interest rates.

Our licensed and experienced mortgage professionals are ready to answer any questions that you may have.
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