About FHA Mortgage

FHA loan programs are established to make it easier to obtain a mortgage for people who would normally find it difficult to qualify for a mortgage due to their income level, credit history, or their ability to put down a sufficient amount of down payment. If you are a first-time home buyer or someone who is looking to refinance from a conventional mortgage, then this may be the perfect option for you. Sun West Mortgage Company, Inc. offers a complete line of loan products insured by the federal government’s Federal Housing Administration (FHA) including but not limited to FHA 203(b), FHA 203(k), FHA Manufactured Housing, FHA Section 184 Indian Home Loan, and FHA Back-to-Work.

FHA Mortgage Benefits and Highlights

  • Lower down payment requirements (as little as 3.5% on most products), with gifts funds eligible for use towards your down payment.
  • Lower credit scores requirements. Sun West Mortgage Company, Inc. is able to finance your FHA loan with less-than-perfect credit scores and a FICO as low as 500.
  • A higher Debt-to-Income (DTI) ratio is acceptable.
  • Using an FHA 203k loan, upgrade, improve, or rehabilitate existing and new homes.
  • In some cases, you can use an FHA loan to refinance to avoid facing foreclosure if you are experiencing financial hardship.

FHA 203B

The 203B loan is the FHA standard single-family home loan for the purchase or to refinance a principal residence. The mortgage loan is funded by a lending institution, such as a mortgage company, bank, savings and loan association and HUD insures the mortgage.

The borrower must meet standard FHA credit qualifications:

  • The borrower is eligible for approximately 96.5% financing.
  • The borrower is able to finance the upfront mortgage insurance premium into the mortgage. The borrower will also be responsible for paying an annual premium.
  • Eligible properties are one-to-four unit structures.

FHA 203K

This FHA loan option allows homeowners to rehabilitate their home. The loan may be used for other home improvement projects such as room additions or making your home more energy-efficient. This option may be used both at the time of purchase of a new home or as a refinance of the existing mortgage.

FHA 203H

This FHA 203H helps victims in disaster areas recover by making it easier for them to get mortgages and become homeowners or re-establish themselves as homeowners. Individuals are eligible for this program if their homes are located in an area that was designated by the President as a disaster area and if their homes were destroyed or damaged to such an extent that reconstruction or replacement is necessary.

  • No down payment is required. The borrower is eligible for 100 percent financing. Closing costs and prepaid expenses must be paid by the borrower in cash or paid through premium pricing or by the seller, subject to a 6 percent limitation on seller concessions.
  • Insured mortgages may be used to finance the purchase or reconstruction of a one-family home that will be the principal residence of the homeowner.


A FHA streamline refinance loan helps you lower the interest rate, mortgage payment, or loan term of your existing FHA loan, and has less documentation requirements than traditional programs. Additionally, it does not require your property to be appraised.

FHA loans help more home buyers to qualify for a mortgage in order to purchase a home. FHA loans also make it easier for existing homeowners to lower their interest rate and/or monthly payments.

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